Female 23yrs, mother of two children

  • presented with c/o unable to walk, severe headache ,vomiting,deacreased vision and decreased hearing
  • MRI BRAIN S/o Lt. Cerebello pontine angle brain tumour(acoustic schwannoma)
  • Pt. operated , 8 hours long surgery done at Shivalik Hospital
    Pt. recovered nicely ,discharged on 8th postop day.
  • At present pt fine , bringing up her children nicely and cooking
    for her family
  • Below are her preop and postop photos with almost intact Lt facial nerve

Female 48 yrs,alone with a handicapped husband

  • presented with uncontrolled convulsiions, hemiplegia
  • MRI s/o Lt.Parafalcian brain tumour (Meningioma)
  • Pt. was operated ,tumour was totally removed,pt. recovered
    nicely,Rt. hemiplegia( upper limb,lower limb weakness )
    improved within 4-6 months. And at present she is walking with
    support doing all household activity.
  • below are her preop/postop photos

Male 45 yrs , labourer,

  • presented with abnormal enlargement of hands, face,nose ;
    decreased vision & headache
  • MRI s/o sellar,parasellar tumour ( pituitory adenoma )
  • Pt. was operated through NOSE (Transsphenoidal )
    endoscopically ,discharged within 5 days.
  • Vision & appearance improved and pt is back at work
  • Photos

Female 42 yrs , housewife

  • presented with severe headache & altered sensorium
  • CT Angiography s/o Lt. MCA bifurcation Aneurysm
  • pt. operated transcranial clipping of aneurysm done
    pt gradually recovered within 6 days & discharged on
    10th postpop day.Speech & memory disturbances recovered
    within 3 months
  • preop & postop photos with SMILING patient

Female 45yrs, housewife

  • presented with convulsions
  • MRI s/o Rt. Parasagital brain tumour ( meningioma )
  • pt. operated ,tumour removed totally after long tiring surgery.
    she recovered postop very well & was discharged on 5th poday
    She was back to her household work after one month.
  • preop & postop photos with INTACT patient

Female 11 yrs old , residing in remote Abdasa taluka of Kutchh

  • history of fall down from tree, since then unconscious
    big wound open over forehead with ongoing bleeding & brain matter
    coming out ; and respiratory distress
  • pt was immediately resuscitated, stabilised and in spite of pts father
    having no money ; pt was operated with due risk in emergency.
    Pt had stormy period of about 20 days in ICU on ventilator. Then she
    gradually recovered to the state of conscious ,obeying verbal
    commands ,moving all four limbs , speaking few words. And she was
    discharged after 36 days of hospitalisation.
  • today after 4 yrs she is a grown up girl,studying and doing all
    household work. Below is her photo before six months; planning for
    cosmetic surgery ; with STILL pending BILL of ICU & surgery !!!!!

Male 40yrs, sole earning member in a family of 5 with 3 kids

  • met with a vehicular accident, brought to shivalik hospital
  • stabilised & CT brain with 3D reconstruction images obtained
    s/o compound deppresed # involving Lt. frontal & orbital bones
  • Pt. was operated ,recovered well ,with intact Lt. eye vision
    and at present back in his job without any deficits
  • preop / postop photos

Male 52yrs, labourer in farm

  • pt. met with an accidental BLAST INJURY involving both eyes
    whhile lighting a fire from garbage in a winter night. pt was referred
    from an opthalmic surgeon with referance chit mentiioning presence
    of a FOREIGN BODY in Rt. eye .
  • CT brain & orbit s/o foreign body in RT. eye
  • Pt. was stabilised and Operated & foreign body (metal piece ) was
    successfully removed.
  • preop / perop pictures