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Dr,Kartik Modha

Neurologist treatment surgeon

Being a medicine professional, I personally find myself a fortunate person to work for a noble cause that is health care. And being Neuro Surgeon I find myself more responsible as a professional since my work has direct concern with human mental health. Being an integral part of the society and a responsible citizen I pledge to offer best services to my best ability without bias to every patient. For me; the happy face of my patient is biggest reward than any other recognisation. Expecting your wellbeing,


Dr.Hetal Modha

Gynecologist treatment surgeon

Being a Gynecologist, I find myself more fortunate individual to serve the society with my services. Taking care of expecting mother and new born is indeed a noble duty and valuable contribution to nature’s cause! For me any expecting mother and new born is an opportunity to serve nature in humble way. My duty is to nurture an innocent dream and safeguard fulfilled expectation with tender care of new born. Every healthy new born is the biggest award for me than any other recognisation. On this occasion I pledge to offer my noble duty above all my individual interest at best of my ability and wish all the best for every expecting mother for fortifying and healthy motherhood!


Our Vision & Mission

“Our vision is to provide most advance health care at most affordable charges” And our mission is to become centre of excellence for health care in the areas of Neuro Spine & Gynaec care with most modern medicine method, advance treatment and surgery instruments and acquiring world class medical trade know-how in the areas of our interests to benefit our every patient. To accomplish our mission we will tirelessly pursue fare practices in medical trade, will invest in human resource, skill upgradation, latest technology, Patient comfort, Patient safety, Patient education and live wire relation with patient after treatment and surgery for its wellbeing. And as responsible noble trade citizen we will do our best for the welfare of those who are deprived of better health care in our society.

For Patients

A "family-centered" facility. Our staff is committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care to each and every one of our patients, and is also sensitive and responsive to the issues facing their families and support network.

Obs & Gynec Center

At Shivalik Hospital, we have state-of-the art OBS & Gynaec Centre equipped with advance treatment instruments and medical equipment to monitor patient round the clock to minimize fear and building up confidence level before during and after delivery attended by senior and most understanding nurses along with constant supervision by Chief Gynecologist. Along with these we are continuously carryout research and development in OBS & Gynaec care to provide next level of patient care. We have also got national and international attention for our efforts and recognized by them time and again to enhance our enthusiasm.

Brain Spine Center

Our Brain and Spine centre is committed to carefully diagnose and treat Brain Tumors, Spine Tumors and Skull base Tumors. For the easy, safe and prompt treatment we have state-of-the art diagnostic instruments & equipments and completely dedicated fully equipped next generation Operation Theatre to minimize patient’s fear, pain and uncertainty before and during surgery. To achieve best results in these critical treatments, we take team approach with latest know-how to minimize risk and side effect on patient’s body. Along with these we carryout research and development activity in these areas to further help our patients for fast recovery from the trauma and easy rehabilitation. We also share the same with the local and international medical fraternity. And for these efforts we have been appreciated and recognized by the fraternity number of times.